Friends of Cedarlands
Archived Meeting Minutes
May 31, 2008 Board Meeting Minutes
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Discussion of projects turned to the conference room furniture. Most likely the new office will not be ready until summer of 2009 delaying the need for furniture until then.

Accounting and membership protocols need to be understood by the board and implemented. President and treasurer need to receive list of all funds turned into service center. President and secretary need to receive copies of all applications turned into service center. Aaron will look into RTC guidelines.

Discussion about changing Skyline Patron Level to $2,000. Aaron suggested tabling this until after the general meeting. (There was a donation at this level so the level will remain the same).

Recognitions for members: Charter Member patch will be available to all that register by Sept. 2nd, 2008. Plaque to be placed in prominent location in trading post or office. This plaque will show all charter members and charter patron levels. Plaque for all patron levels after first year will need to be purchased. At closing on Saturday all new FOC members need to be recognized by camp staff. Staff member of the year. Will not be a board member or key member of staff.

Mike asked for a vote of officers. They are: President Michael Petitpas, Treasurer William Engelbrecht, Secretary Aaron Strong, Historian Gerry Showalter, Webmaster Matthew Taylor
May 31, 2008 Business Minutes
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Introduction by Board President Michael Petitpas describing mission of Friends of Cedarlands started the meeting. The FOC will support Cedarlands by marketing the CSR brand effectively and positively, provide funds for items that would not be purchased by Revolutionary Trails Council and allow networking of those interested in bettering CSR. Mike then encouraged everyone to join FOC and reach out to those they know to join.

Aaron Strong submitted the membership report. Currently there are 19 members.

William Engelbrecht reported $764 in the FOC account at the RTC office.

Ideas of projects were given by Mike P. These include furnishing the new office conference center, program pavilions, and also helping in developing long-term strategic plan for Cedarlands.

Gerry Showalter then thanked everyone for their years of dedicated service to Cedarlands. He encouraged all to join the Friends of Cedarlands.

The last business item was to elect a board of directors for 2008-2009. Wes Miga made a motion for the secretary to cast a ballot for the current slate of officers to be elected. Michael Obernesser seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously.
July 22, 2007 Board Meeting Minutes
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The first order of business was to elect officers: President Michael Petitpas, Treasurer - William Engelbrecht, Webmaster Matthew Taylor, Historian Gerry Showalter, Secretary Aaron Strong.

Secondly, the board discussed recruitment of members. This will center on former staff members, leaders and Scouts who have attended Cedarlands Scout Reservation and family members of those interested in CSR.

A FOC "Charter Member Friends of Cedarlands" will be designed and given to all who join FOC at or before the spring 2008 Beaver Weekend. Another patch will be designed for all members to purchase.

Tom Labayewski recommended FOC furnish new office and trading post. In the first year this may be a lot to do. Adirondack rustic furniture will be purchased for conference room in new office. A prominent sign should also be purchased to promote FOC. All projects should be enhancements to CSR and not be a part of the camp operating budget.

The board needs to develop a strategic plan for camp/program improvements. This plan should be updated over time so FOC has a voice in the future of CSR and promote FOC projects.